Never Forget About You

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Never Forget About You. Today I want you to put you at the top of your to-do list. I sense a little hesitation. Don’t think about it, you really need to do this. See you’ve been putting others first for so long, you’ve lost the connection to your own personal brand. And you keep dancing to somebody else’s beat, but today!

It’s time to reintroduce the world to your phenomenal marching band. Putting others first to the detriment of you is the opposite of healthy living. Today I implore you to love you some you, and tomorrow you can get back to all that giving.

The first thing they tell you when you get on a plane, is put your mask on first. And since you fail follow protocol, its been hard for you to breathe. And if you don’t make some changes, it will only get worse.

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If people laugh when you tell them your dreams, if you ever been so low, you felt like you wanted to scream. If you’ve ever been battling your quest to achieve, if the non-believers voices were so loud, you almost started to believe, that they were right.

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This is the moment that I remind you, that they are never right. Because you were born to be a beacon of light. You were born to overcome any fear or any fright. Born to have next level vision and not just sight. You were born with the heart, will and passion to never give up and fight and fight and fight.

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If they say there’s no way, make it. Never ask for permission to be great. You take it. Greatness is yours to claim, you just got to stake it. When they try to lock you down with a mental chain, YOU BREAK IT.



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