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By Janti Inspire

Run your Race. From the moment we grace this world through our births, the world knows a unique and peculiar potential is born. A race is set before us. A path for you to take. This race is a progressive factor and as one grows the races becomes more clear. For you to start becoming that which you were meant to be in the first place,you have to ask yourself, “What type of a journey am I really in?


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When I visit our upcountry home, I am always intrigued by the beautiful mountains and the many trees. There’s always a distance from the trees to the mountains and I get to think, isn’t this what life’s about? There are paths for one to take in order to reach the tallest of mountains. The paths may be numerous but I think there’s a unique path for each and everyone to take in order to reach your destination.

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Trees that I see are a true representation of the different things that life brings our way. We have fruity trees, thorny trees, shady trees and the chirping of birds. The fruity trees represents the people that are there to stand with you every time, they could be family or friends. They are the ones who teach you to trust yourself and hold still because they believe you can do it.

How to Let Them Go

The thorny trees represent the situations and and obstacles that teach you lessons; that you should embrace your journey. They teach you to stay true to yourself and remain who you are despite the changes of life.


The shady trees represents the people that are there to comfort you when you are down, they give you the encouragement to keep going despite the obstacles and turn the other cheek when criticized.

The chirping of the birds represents the people who are there to cheer you on. It may not be family or friends but most of the time it is strangers who believe in you when no one else does.

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The pathways are a representation of your journey itself.

Your journey is very unique to you.

Run your race!

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