5 Fascinating Sincerely Daisy facts – Now on Netflix

sincerely daisy

By Toby Lane.

The film titled ‘Sincerely Daisy’  is a major win for the Kenyan film Industry. The much anticipated coming-of-age romantic comedy premiered on Netflix on 9th October 2020. The hour and a half feature film follows the life of a happy high school graduate (Daisy) played by Ellah Maina whose dreams, expectations, passion and confidence are significantly affected by family and romantic drama. Netflix which boasts of more than 850 original titles , amounting to about 19, 000 hours of content, has made the film available for streaming instantly in over 190 countries. The film’s trailer released on 2nd September 2020 brought forth a palpable air of anticipation for the first ever Kenyan movie scheduled to premiere on Netflix. Here are 5 facts about Sincerely Daisy that you should definitely know.

1. The film is produced and directed by popular actor Nick Mutuma

The actor, producer, Television/Radio host and Corporate Emcee played the directorial role in this production. This is the latest role as director after You againHe has farther garnered extensive following from starring in local shows such as Tabasamu and Changes and continental hits like the MTV series Shuga.

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2. The film was shot and completed within just seven days.

The principal photography of the film began in November 2019.  The film was made at The Next Superstar, a popular talent competition in Kenya. Most of the contestants featured in the talent competition were cast in the film. Equally important, the film was written by Natasha Likimani, well known for popular productions such as VeveMali and You Again.

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3. It is the second Kenyan film to be released on Netflix after short film Poacher.

Poacher is a Kenyan / British short film directed by Tom Whitworth. The action-packed movie shot and produced over six days at the Tsavo West National Park was released in August 2018. It tells the story of a desperate farmer who runs into trouble after stealing a stash of blood ivory from a gang of international terrorists. The film seeks to highlight the significant international issue of illegal ivory trad. Indeed it does this by addressing the plight of Africa’s endangered elephant population.

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4. The Cast

Sincerely Daisy has a cast of 10 actors, including Ellah Maina who starred in popular TV drama Trap House. Furthermore Mbeki Mwalimu, who stars in Selina and Sam Psenjen, who has been on Sue na Jonnie. Moreover the casts include Jackie Matubia, famously known for her role as Jolene on Tahidi High and Muthoni Gathecha, who has starred in several local and international productions including Kona and Pray & Prey.

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The new faces include Foi Wambui, a well-known YouTuber, presenter and actress. Brian Abajah has been part of several short films, most notably Men-sturation. Other Cast members include Faiz Ouma, popular in theatrical plays and James Webbo, a lawyer, who has starred in numerous TV and theatre productions. In addition, Serah Wanjiru, who was part of The Next Superstar, made her feature film debut on Sincerely Daisy.

5. The Film  is Trending at #1 in Kenya Today

Even days after the premiere, the film still sits strong at the the #1 Watched Shows on Netflix in Kenya.

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